juliet remblay drawings

Seated woman, ca 1940
Iwase Yoshiyuki

"I fell in love with Tibet because their essential mission was to keep a continual stream of prayer. To me they kept the world from spinning out of control just by being a civilization on the roof of the world in that continuous state of prayer. The prayers are etched on wheels, they feel them with their hands like braille and turn them. It’s spinning prayer like cloth. That was my perception as a young person. I didn’t quite understand the whole thing but I felt protected. We grew up at a time when nuclear war seemed imminent with air raid drills and lying on the floor under your school desk. To counterbalance that destruction was this civilization of monks living high in the Himalayas who were continuously praying for us, for the planet and for all of nature. That made me feel safe."
—Patti Smith in an interview with Thurston Moore for Bomb Magazine, 1996.
Photography Credit: Linda Smith Bianucci, Patti Smith, Paris, 1969

Hommage au Douanier Rousseau, 1980

Man Ray - Etude de mains